Cynthia Snell is the ghost of a vengeful young woman that killed her sister, her former fiancé, and then herself after she had been jilted at the altar.

Urban legend

Cynthia Snell was a beautiful young woman who was very much in love with her fiancé (whose name is never revealed), and was eagerly awaiting the day they were to be married. But when that day finally came, Cynthia's husband-to-be never showed up, thus making Cynthia a jilted bride. To add insult to injury, it's later revealed that the reason Cynthia's fiancé never showed up was because he had apparently fallen in love with her sister (whose name is never revealed)--and to add even more insult to injury, they got married the day after the groom was supposed to marry Cynthia.

Later that night, Cynthia put on her wedding dress and got a big, sharp axe out of her basement, and walked to the home where her sister and brother-in-law lived. Cynthia murdered them with the axe while they were sleeping, and when the police finally arrived, they found Cynthia rocking herself in a rocking chair next to the bodies, throwing rice and smiling while humming the Wedding March.

Cynthia committed suicide by jumping out the bedroom so she couldn't be arrested, and was later buried in her wedding dress at the local cemetery. Every year on the anniversary of her murder/suicide, she supposedly rises from her grave and looks for more victims while humming the Wedding March.


  • The story of Cynthia Snell was partially inspired by Lizzie Borden.
  • It's possible that Cynthia may have had some kind of mental or psychotic disorder.
  • Her gravestone says, "Here lies Cynthia Snell. She lived her life and went straight to..."
    • It's never revealed what the last word is, as it was hidden by the dirt and grass, but it's most likely "hell."

Appears in

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