Gloria is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV series.


Originally, Gloria was someone whom Helga dreamt up as "the Anti-Helga" (Magic Show), but she eventually becomes a real girl (Helga's Boyfriend) and continues to wear a pink dress similar to Helga's. But unlike Helga, Gloria is pretty, nice, popular, and a good cook. In Helga's dream, Gloria replaces Helga as Phoebe's best friend, and in real life, she replaces Helga as Stinky's girlfriend. Both the characters of Gloria and Helga were voiced by Francesca Marie Smith.

Gloria also makes a brief appearance in Love and Cheese as one of the people in the crowd watching the "Built-to-Hurl" ride when Lila vomits as a result of Helga switching the speed of the ride from "slow and easy" to "fast and furious."

In the episode Back to School Gloria is in Grandpa Phil's 5th grade class.

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