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(Grandpa believes he has died)


Well, that's it. I must be in heaven. Oh, no! Oskar's here! This must be the other place!


No, Grandpa, it's the boarding house, you're still here with us.


Yes, well it's still my time to go, just like my grandfather before me: born in 1830, died in 1921, and his father: born in 1800, died in 1891.


Grandpa! That means they were both 91 when they died!


900 carry the three... Oh I'm an idiot! That's right! The family curse is 91, not 81! That means I have ten more years before I'm worm chow! I'm not going to die! At least not now.


No, Grandpa, you're still with us. Good morning, Grandpa.

Grandpa Phil

What's so good about it?

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