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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Grandpa's Birthday
Grandpa's Birthday
Season 3, Episode 54a
Written by: Craig Bartlett
Story by: Craig Bartlett, Steve Viksten, & Joe Ansolabehere
Air date: September 28, 1998
Don Del Grande's

Grandpa's Birthday is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Grandpa's about to turn 81 years old, and he figures that since no one in his family has lived past 81, he's going to die soon. Arnold takes him to Dr. Steiglitz (the first doctor Phil's seen in over twenty years) who's amazed that Phil's so healthy for his age, and states that Phil could easily live another 70 years, possibly more. Phil, however, ignores this and still thinks he's going to die. So Arnold and Grandpa spend time together after Gerald tells him to do.



  • If Grandpa was 81 in the year the episode was shown (1998) and the family curse is 91, that means he would have died in the year 2008, and considering a literal timeframe, this would place his birth year in 1917.
  • Prior to seeing Dr. Stieglitz in this episode, Phil hadn't seen a doctor in 25 years.
  • If Phil actually does die by the time he turns 91, which is 10 years from now, Arnold would at least be 19 years old when that happenns.
  • Dr. Stieglitz states that he has been practicing medicine for 81 years, meaning he would be around 100 years of age.
  • Phil confirms that Arnold is his and Gertie's only grandson (describing him as his "only begotten grandson").
    • It can be assumed that Arnold is their only grandchild, if you take into consideration that Miles, Arnold's father and Phil and Gertie's son, was presumably an only child and the fact that Arnold himself is an only child.
  • Gerald has a pigeon coup on his roof.
  • If Dr. Stieglitz is right about his prediction, Phil would die in either 2067 or 2068.
  • When Phill wakes up in bed after he thought he was in Heaven, he says "Oh no Oskar's here, this must be the other place". This is not possible because Oskar is still alive.
  • The montage of Arnold and Grandpa having a good time is similar to the montage in "Eugene's Bike".
  • The movie that Arnold and Grandpa see is Harold Lloyd in Safety Last!.

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