Hall Monitor is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga appoints Phoebe as hall monitor and teaches her how to do the job. Phoebe then becomes a stricter hall monitor than Helga.



  • One of the signs Phoebe puts up is "20 steps per minute", which is one step every three seconds.


  • When Helga holds her bullhorn down, the "P.S. 118" logo is backwards.
  • When Principal Wartz gestures toward Helga, his arm moves off of the podium but his hand does not move.
  • As Phoebe walks down the hall, the floor tiles become smaller and change color much faster than they should.
  • When the lunch line was first shown, Brainy was tenth in line, but then he's at the front of the line.
  • About 5:00 into the episode, Helga has no unibrow.
  • When Sid pushed Phoebe on the first day, her hair on top was yellow.
  • As Phoebe and Helga walk down the halls, they pass by Joey who walks into the office with a poster of Abraham Lincoln. Helga and Phoebe continue down the hall and somehow end up by it again when Phoebe is knocked down by passing students.
  • Helga's watch disappears when she's speaking on the P.S. 118 megaphone. This also happens with Phoebe.
  • Before Helga chooses Phoebe to be then next Hall Monitor, she overlooks Iggy, who was sitting next to Sheena in the Second row.  After Helga chooses Phoebe, and she goes to the stage, Iggy is shown sitting next to Stinky in the last row, and his hair is black.
  • Near the end of the episode when Helga says "Half of our class is sitting here in detention", Arnold's hair is Propotionately smaller than it is when it shows him again after Helga says "What Happened to the old Phoebe I used to know?" 


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