Harold's Kitty is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Harold finds a stray kitten and keeps it as his own after Arnold gets it from a garbage can. He names the kitten Cupcake since the kitten looks like one. Arnold's flyers bring the real owner back to find her lost kitten, but Harold won't give the kitten up. When Harold refuses to give Cupcake back to his rightful owner, the police come.

In the end, Arnold goes through a window to talk to Harold into letting the cat go and Harold plays with Cupcake at Mrs. Ryle's house; making the group of kids he taunted rethink Harold as a bully.



  • At one point in the episode, a "Vote" sign is in the background.


  • Arnold's phone number is 555-123, but all phone numbers in the USA have seven digits.
  • It's unknown if Harold gets grounded for refusing to give Cupcake back to his owner.
  • When Arnold tells how much the kitten might miss his owner, Harold's hat turns blue.
  • In Arnold's room, the flyer says "spot", but when Harold sees it, it says "spots".
  • The front door to Harold's house has wooden boards nailed to it to keep people out. How did Harold get back inside? It is possible he went through the window, as Arnold did so easily to try and reason with Harold.
  • When Arnold is talking to Harold in his room one of the sandbags said Samd or possibly sand with a backwards "N"

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