Harold vs. Patty is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series. It is also known as Harold and Patty Arm Wrestle


Harold and Patty compete in an arm wrestling contest. Harold is beating everyone in the school, and is considered the arm wrestling king. However, before the contest, Harold and Patty practice, but Harold loses after the count of three, and everyone makes fun of him because he got beat by a girl. Arnold then helps him practice for a day, but Harold doesn't care about practicing. He has a rematch with Patty, but loses again. Harold is embarrassed, so he begs Patty to help him win, but not lose on purpose. They train and train. At the contest, Harold and Patty compete against different kids, and in the finals they end up against each other. Harold is doing better, but like last time, Patty beats Harold, and Stinky and Sid still make fun of him. But Harold doesn't mind that a girl beat him, and says girls can be tough too.



  • At the end of the episode, Harold suggests he and Patty go see the new Shy Stallion movie. This is a parody the popular 1979 movie "The Black Stallion" which is based on "The Black Stallion" book series by the late Walter Farley.
  • This is the second time Harold and Patty interact with each other, the other being "Hey Harold!".
  • The music used for Harold's training montage with Arnold is very similar to the music used in the various Rocky training montages. This could be a reference to the movie, especially since Harold mentions to Patty seeing the new Shy Stallion movie, a parody of Sylvester Stallone, the star of Rocky.
  • When Stinky comments "An arm-wrestling couple" Harold did not object like he did in "Hey Harold!".


  • When Harold is arm wrestling Stinky in the lunchroom and immediatly after he beats him there is a sign behind him that reads "Do Not Leave Trays Here". The rest of the lunchroom scene the sign is gone except for the very end when Harold is running out of the room in tears.
  • In the final round of the arm-wrestling competition, the announcer's microphone disappears.

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