Haunted Train Blues



They say he lost his mind;
went crazy on that day;
ran his train right off the tracks
and drove it straight to — Hey!
Where's the engineer?
Been waiting all night long;
better show up soon
or I'mma have to say so long!
Been waiting on the haunted train...


That's it!

The Haunted Train


The Haunted Train Engineer

Sometimes, late at night,
you can hear the whistle wail
with a spooky, screechy sound
like a wheel gone off the rail;
and up in the smoky clouds,
you can almost recognize
the ghost of a crazy engineer
with fiery cinder eyes;
I say, Whoo-whoo!
Can't you hear the haunted train?
Waiting on a haunted train
Crash that engine,
you know, only sticks and stones
and old conductors' bones remain...
Arnold, take me to the roundhouse
It's spooky....

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