Phantom character of Hey Arnold!
Headless Cabbie
Voiced byDan Castellaneta

Headless Cabbie is a ghost of a cabbie who lost his head when he gave a ride to a mysterious woman.

Urban legend


He was once a lonely Cabbie who gave rides through the park. One night a mysterious lady stopped the Cabbie asking to help find her lost Scottie dog. She offered him a scarf to help keep him warm. As they were going down the rode it started to get darker and foggier, then the lady heard her dog barking and told the cabbie to go faster. The dog then went down into a tunnel and the lady told the cabbie to follow it. As they went through the tunnel and at the end, a crazy man with a golden hook for an arm attacked. He barely got them, but then the Cabbie started to go faster and faster and the lady started to go darker and crazier. She beat on the cabbie to go even faster to catch the dog, but then the Cabbie's scarf got caught on a low branch that twisted around the Cabbie's neck until it decapitated him, thus becoming the Headless Cabbie. Legend says that on a dark foogy night in the fall, the Headless Cabbie haunts the park; first the sound of the demon Scottie doggie is heard, then comes a beating sound on the cobblestones, next the evil laugh of the ghost lady is heard and is seen in the carrage being driven by the Headless Cabbie.

Appears in

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