Heat is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


A heat wave hits the city, and Arnold and Gerald try to find a way to get cool, which is nearly impossible considering long lines at the theater, crowded pools, and The Jolly-Olly Man charging $20 for a snow cone.



  • Arnold wears briefs (as opposed to boxer shorts).
  • Because of a city-wide sanitation strike in Hillwood, piles of trash cans be seen uncollected at the beginning of the episode.
  • Sid has a full head of hair in this episode, but in the episodes "Helga's Makeover" and "Wheezin' Ed" it's all stringy.
  • Gerald isn't wearing his "33" shirt.
  • The pool does not allow horseplay, kicking, splashing, diving, drinking pool water, or kids. However, pets are OK.
  • Quite a few kids, including Pheobe and Ruth, disappear once the trouble begins.


  • Fire hydrants don't spray their water from the top. Additionally, turning them on is usually illegal.
  • Rhonda and Brainy are wearing long sleeves when Helga is on the truck.
  • Sid's pants always change size and he's wearing his black jacket when the truck is being tipped.
  • When the truck is first being tipped, Eugene is on the other side from everyone else.
  • There's no credit for Iggy, but he does have a line after Helga gets on the ice cream truck.
  • When Arnold and Gerald first spot the other kids, Harold has his usual blue shirt on, for the rest of the episode his shirt is white.
  • When the Jolly Oly Man starts to drive away, Stinky can be seen bald on top, hair only on the back of his head.
  • When the kids are rioting the license plate for the ice cream truck is "ICETRUX", then when Eugene is lifting the truck the license plate is "ICE TRUCK"

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