I've got a husband, a grandson, and a boarding house full of people to be responsible for.

Arnold (to himself)

This heat's so crazy it's got Grandma acting normal.

Grandpa (on broken air-conditioner)

In these modern times, there's always a smart, high-tech solution to problems like these... Arnold, run down to the store and get us some ice.


I'll take a snow cone.

Jolly Olly Man

Eighteen dollars.


All I have is seventy cents, what will that get me?

Jolly Olly Man (laughs)


The Jolly Olly Man

Haven't you ever heard of supply and demand?


Well, I demand that you supply me with some ice cream, before I knock your teeth out!


No ice cream, no peace!


Hey! Let me tell you a little about my day, Mr. Jolly Olly Man. The brown-out shut down my air conditioner, my bag of ice melted before I could get it home, I couldn't get into the movie theater, or the city pool. And now when I finally found a little relief from the heat, a little ice cream, you snatched it away. You better sell me some ice cream at a fair price, or face the consequences.

The Jolly Olly Man

You can't do anything, you're just a kid.

Lana Vail

Arnold, a little cold air is that so much to ask, is it?

Mr. Green (relaxing in his Green Meats freezer area)

Ah, so what if the door can't be opened from the inside? This is the life.


Uh, excuse me? I said, "Excuse me." EXCUSE MEEEEE!!!!! Look, you have a right to be angry but we can't let the heat make us that crazy. The Jolly Olly Man is our friend. Harold, have you forgotten that time he sold you that slightly damage snow cone at half-price? And Helga, what about those chocolate-covered bubblegum drumsticks you love? Doesn't he always have 'em in stock? And Eugene, didn't he help that time you you were choking on your favorite rainbow turbo pops?


I really, really need a doctor.


The heat is turning us against each other. Jolly Olly Man against kids. Kids against Jolly Olly Man. It's the heat. Don't you see? This has to stop. What do you say?




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