Helga's parrot is a fictional animal character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.



The parrot was bought by Big Bob for a commercial that was eventually put inside Helga's room when it would not stop talking during her sleep. While being locked in Helga's room, it overheard and remembered one of her poems about Arnold, and would not stop reciting it. Helga was going to shut up the parrot with a chainsaw, but it ends up escaping to Arnold's house when his front door is left open.

The parrot ends up getting adopted by Arnold where it would recite bits and pieces of the poem to him, causing Helga to secretly stay in Arnold's house attempting to capture it before it revealed the final verse of her poem that included her full name. Arnold takes the bird to his class Show and Tell, where the bird was once again reciting the poem and is about to declare the final sentence of Helga's poem and reveal her name, but was eaten by a Monitor Lizard that Phoebe had with her that got loose from its leesh.

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