Boy I'm feeling goofy, you know this Arnold guy he's been on my mind morning, noon and night for the past six years. I mean think about it, since I'm currently nine years old that is fully two thirds of my young life, is that crazy or what?
Why do I torture myself by keeping it all a big secret why not just tell Arnold? La La La La La.
Hey why am I telling you all this, you don't even know the guy. I'll just call that adorable little football head right know and tell him myself. (Phone rings she gets answering machine.)
Hello Arnold this is Helga yes Helga G. Pataki the girl that worships you yes wastes days of passionate thoughts about you ohh my angel sweet love ohh how I lo....(everyone laughs) AHHHHHHHHH!


Did you hear something just now?


Ohhh brother why doesn't everyone I know just show up so they all can spend the rest of there lives in this hallway?

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