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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Helga Sleepwalks
Helga Sleepwalks
Season 4, Episode 74a
Written by: Michelle Lamoreaux
Air date: October 23, 1999
Don Del Grande's

Helga Sleepwalks is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


After eating one too many pork rinds before bed, Helga sleepwalks, acting out her dreams of confessing her love to Arnold.



  • In the first scene we see that Arnold writes with his left hand.
  • When Helga tells Arnold, "In reality I'm just a shy girl afraid to tell you I absolutely adore you", this scene is a reference to Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare in which Helga is Romeo and Arnold is Juliet.
    • Coincidentally, this scene is opposite to the one in "School Play", in which Arnold is Romeo and Helga is Juliet.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Arnold's legs are skin-colored giving the appearance that he is not wearing pants.
  • Helga's alarm clock digits change color during the episode from white to red.
  • In the first scene when Arnold is writing in his note book, he's writing right to left, not left to right. In addition to that, the shadow of his hand projected on the wall is not moving while Arnold is taking his notes.

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