Helga vs. Big Patty is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Patty challenges Helga to a fight after Helga gets on her last nerves by picking on her once too many.


When Helga begins telling mean jokes about Patty around school, Patty immediately challenges her to a fight--scheduled at 3:15 the following day. Anxious, Helga asks her parents for advice and when neither are of any help, she has a nightmare about Patty attacking her in a boxing match.

Arnold walks to school with her the next day, discussing the upcoming fight. He suggests Helga apologize to Patty and offer her friendship. Though skeptical, Helga takes his advice. Much to her relief, Patty accepts Helga's apology, but refuses to call off the fight for fear that it would damage her "tough" reputation. When Arnold finds out, he tells Patty that Helga is not a bad person and implores her to do the right thing.

At 3:15 that day, all the kids--including Arnold-- wait on the playground for the fight to begin. Patty arrives at last and roughly drags Helga into the gym, shutting the door behind them. Helga braces herself for the attack. Patty, however, only punches a mattress and loudly crushes a trash can before gently tearing Helga's collar and bow. After splattering dirt on Helga's face to "make it look good," she says she's not going to beat her up after all. Patty tells her it was Arnold who convinced her not to go through with it. Helga is thrilled to hear he came to her defense. 

To "sell" the impression that there was a true fight, Helga groans and limps out of the gym, allowing the other girls to carry her away. Arnold sadly looks to Patty who then winks at him. The two exchange a knowing smile. 



Helga vs. Big Patty promo art

Storyboard cover art.

  • Lila's outfit from "Ms. Perfect" is seen at the beginning of this episode.
  • Patty sees an orthodontist.
  • Stinky owns a digital watch.
  • Patty works at P.S. 118's library.
  • Patty asks Helga if she and Arnold have a thing for each other in which Helga protests. Patty replies that Arnold is "kind of cute" and Helga replies "If you like football heads..." They then smile at each other. This implies that Patty might know about Helga's crush on Arnold.
  • Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons and brother-in-law of Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett, was given "Special Thanks" in the ending credits.
    • This was the very first Special Thanks of the series. From this point on, nearly every credits sequence would have a special thanks at the end.
  • The storyboard cover (which was first shown in a video by YouTuber, Andre "Black Nerd" when he was visiting Nickelodeon's new Burbank office) depicts Helga and Patty in a boxing match with Patty biting Helga's ear. Arnold is seen as a referee, Rhonda in a bikini holding the storyboard credits, and Gerald watching the match.


  • Throughout most the episode, Nadine's skirt matches the color of the collar and sleeve parts on her shirt.
  • Big Patty tells Helga that she has an appointment with the orthodontist despite not having any braces or headwear.

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