Hey Arnold! The Complete Series is a 16-disc DVD set released at Walmart and Shout! Factory websites. It is a straight repackaging of the seasonal sets previously released by Shout!.

Complete Series DVD



  • In the episode list inside the case, the names of a few episodes are misspelled: Such as "Hookey" as "Hooky" (although the word can be spelled either way) and "Arnold's Halloween" as "Operation: Arnold's Halloween".
  • Like with the Season 5 DVD, the two-part version of "The Journal" is included.
  • The German version of this DVD set, released by Turbine Classics, is considered superior to the American version. It has all of the episodes in English and German (most in the original order, as opposed to the American broadcast order) across 12 discs and features bonus content, such as the pilot.