Jim Lang - I'm Crazy 4K00:54

Jim Lang - I'm Crazy 4K

I'm Crazy is a Hey Arnold! sung from the Pilot episode and 24 Hours to Live written by Jim Lang, Craig Bartlett and Joe Ansolabehere.


1, 2, 3, unh!
Watch me! Hey!
Watch me! Hey!

Now you think you got to put me down
Now you think you got to push me all around
But wait, don't hit me!
I'll hit me!

To the brim!
Hey, alright
Gotcha, gotcha, c'mon
Got to feel it, huh, in your body
Baby, man, hey!

I got a date
I got to, got to, break a plate
Don't hit me, I'll hit me!
I'm crazy!

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