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The main title sequence of the Hey Arnold! TV Series. It was animated by Toon-Us-In 


Animations Inc. and U.S. Animation.

Its duration is approximately 49 seconds. Starting with Season 4 the music for the intro was changed.

In Seasons 1 (1996-1998)-3 (1998-2000), the Yamaha DX7 internal factory patch "Sax BC" and Roland D-50 internal patch "Slap Bass n Brass" were heard in the intro.

In Seasons 4 (1998-2000)-5 (2000-2004), the Roland D-50 internal patches "Horn Section" and "Jazz Guitar Duo" and modified version of the Roland D-50 internal patch "Horn Section" were heard in the intro.

In the Arnold's Christmas intro, the Roland D-50 internal patch "Fantasia" was heard.

In some of the special episodes, the intro is omitted. The episodes that skip the intro are "Arnold's Christmas", "Arnold's Thanksgiving", "School Play", "Parents Day", "Dino Checks Out" and "The Journal".

Several dubs including the Russian dub have the characters (other than Helga) can actually be heard emitting various noises (no actual words).
Hey Arnold! Season One Opening Credits01:00

Hey Arnold! Season One Opening Credits

The intro

Russian intro Hey Arnold!-200:48

Russian intro Hey Arnold!-2

The Russian version of the intro (audio only).

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