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Episode of Hey Arnold!
It Girl
It Girl
Season 4, Episode 69a
Air date: September 18, 1999
Don Del Grande's

It Girl is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


When fashion expert Johnny Stitches visits PS 118, he considers Helga, with her snarling attitude, to be the perfect new model.


  • Kathie Lee Gifford appears in this episode.
  • Johnny Stitches says "bollocks" near the end of the episode, a British curse term referring to the male genitalia.
  • The reporter's microphone says "E3". A reference possibly to Entertainment Tonight. "E3" also the term used for the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
  • Helga's apparently been sneaking into Dinoland since she was at least seven.
  • Helga appears on the same show as Stinky in "Stinky Goes Hollywood". The show being "Revis and Jackie Lee", a reference to the popular American syndicated morning talk show Live! with Regis and Kathie lee.
  • When Helga is walking down the runway and people are taking pictures of her, one of the photographers has blue hair. This is one of the few times someone in the show has dyed hair.
  • The magazine Helga is ripping pictures out of is called Vague, this a parody to the popular fashion magazine Vogue.
  • Ashley Buccille voiced Katrinka in the episode, but however was not credited for it.


  • Johnny Stitches tells Helga that she'll be wearing his new Spring line, but she's wearing her usual dress at the show.

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