Jamil Walker Smith (born August 20, 1982) is an American actor. His best known role is as the voice of 

Gerald, a 4th grader and Arnold's best friend in the Nickelodeon TV series Hey Arnold!. He also appeared on various shows like Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, Bones, The X-Files, and The Bernie Mac Show. He is an actor by trade and writes, acts and directs his own short film projects. He has been cast as Sergeant Ronald Greer in the third series of the Stargate franchise, Stargate Universe.

During further production of the series, Jamil was going through puberty and his voice was changing causing the directors to make the episode Gerald's Tonsils to explain Gerald's voice changing, allowing Jamil to continue to voice Gerald through the series' entire run.

When he's not working, Smith enjoys playing almost any sport including basketball, football, baseball and track.

In Hey Arnold! Jamil Smith plays Gerald and several other characters:
Gerald and Phoebe in real life

Jamil and Anndi L. McAfee in a photoshoot.

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