Jamil Walker Smith (born August 20, 1982) is an American actor. His best known role is as the voice of 

Gerald, a 4th grader and Arnold's best friend in the Nickelodeon TV series Hey Arnold!. He also appeared on various shows like Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, Bones, The X-Files, and The Bernie Mac Show. He is an actor by trade and writes, acts and directs his own short film projects. He has been cast as Sergeant Ronald Greer in the third series of the Stargate franchise, Stargate Universe.

During further production of the series, Jamil was going through puberty and his voice was changing causing the directors to make the episode "Gerald's Tonsils" to explain Gerald's voice changing, allowing Jamil to continue to voice Gerald through the series' entire run.

When he's not working, Smith enjoys playing almost any sport including basketball, football, baseball and track.
Gerald and Phoebe in real life

Jamil and Anndi L. McAfee in a photoshoot.

Voice Credits

Episode Credits
Arnold Gerald

Season 1

Episode Credits
1. Downtown as Fruits / Eugene's Bike Gerald / Peapod Kid
2. The Little Pink Book / Field Trip Gerald
3. Arnold's Hat / Stoop Kid Gerald
4a. Helga's Makeover Gerald
5. 6th Grade Girls / The Baseball Gerald
6. Heat / Snow Gerald
7. Operation Ruthless / The Vacant Lot Gerald
8. The List / Haunted Train Gerald
9. Mugged / Roughin' It Gerald
10. Door #16 / Arnold as Cupid Gerald
11. Benchwarmer / Cool Jerk Gerald
12. Das Subway / Wheezin' Ed Gerald
13. Tutoring Torvald / Gerald Comes Over Gerald
14. Spelling Bee / Pigeon Man Gerald / Kid 3
15b. Sally's Comet Gerald
16. Abner Come Home / The Sewer King Gerald
17. False Alarm / World Records Gerald
18. Magic Show / 24 Hours to Live Gerald
19. Part Time Friends / Runaway Float Gerald
20. Arnold's Christmas Gerald
21. Helga's Boyfriend / Crush on Teacher Gerald
22. Hall Monitor / Harold's Bar Mitzvah Gerald / Peapod Kid
23. Coach Wittenberg / Four-Eyed Jack Gerald
24. Tour de Pond / Teachers' Strike Gerald
25. Arnold's Valentine Gerald / Peapod Kid
26b. Partners Gerald

Season 2

Episode Credits
27. The Big Scoop / Harold's Kitty Gerald / Peapod Kid
28. Arnold Saves Sid / Hookey Gerald
29. Save the Tree / New Teacher Gerald
30a. Ransom Gerald
31b. Big Caesar Gerald
32. The High Life / Best Friends Gerald
33. Longest Monday / Eugene's Pet Gerald
34. Mudbowl / Gerald Moves Out Gerald
35a. Freeze Frame Gerald
36. Helga's Love Potion / Gerald's Secret Gerald
38a. Eating Contest Gerald
39. Eugene Goes Bad / What's Opera, Arnold? Gerald
40. Arnold's Halloween Gerald

Season 3

Episode Credits
41. The Aptitude Test / Oskar Gets a Job Gerald
42a. Curly Snaps Gerald / Peapod Kid
44. Crabby Author / Rich Kid Gerald
45a. Helga Blabs It All Gerald
47. Dangerous Lumber / Mr. Hyunh Goes Country Gerald
49. Career Day / Hey Harold! Gerald / Peapod Kid
50b. Gerald's Tonsils Gerald
51b. The Pig War Gerald
52b. Cool Party Gerald / Peapod Kid
53b. Roller Coaster Gerald
54a. Grandpa's Birthday Gerald
56. Arnold's Thanksgiving Gerald
57a. Girl Trouble Gerald
58a. Helga's Show Gerald
60. Parents Day Gerald

Season 4

Episode Credits
61a. Eugene's Birthday Gerald
62a. Dinner for Four Gerald
63a. Full Moon Gerald
64b. Jamie O in Love Gerald
66. Headless Cabbie / Friday the 13th Gerald
67b. Chocolate Turtles Gerald
68a. Love and Cheese Gerald
69. It Girl / Deconstructing Arnold Gerald
71. Veterans Day Gerald
72a. Back to School Gerald
74b. Fighting Families Gerald
75. Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes, and Subways Gerald / Subway Cop
76b. Synchronized Swimming Gerald
77a. Helga's Masquerade Gerald
80. Summer Love Gerald / Rasta Guy

Season 5

Episode Credits
82. Gerald's Game / Fishing Trip Gerald
83. Bag of Money / Principal Simmons Gerald
84. New Bully on the Block / Phoebe Breaks a Leg Gerald
85b. Rhonda Goes Broke Gerald / Peapod Kid
86b. Sid and Germs Gerald
87a. Beaned Gerald
88a. Ghost Bride / Gerald vs. Jamie O Gerald
90. Arnold Visits Arnie / Chocolate Boy Gerald / Gerard
95a. A Day in the Life of a Classroom Gerald
96. Married Gerald / Peapod Kid
97a. Timberly Loves Arnold Gerald
Hey Arnold! The Movie Gerald / Rasta Guy
98. April Fool's Day Gerald
99-100. The Journal Gerald
Episode Credits
Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Paulo / Pirate #2 / Guard #2

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