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Character on Hey Arnold!
Jimmy Kafka
Jimmy Kafka
Best friendsPhil
Voiced byRichard Mulligan

Jimmy Kafka is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He was Phil's best friend when they were young kids. Phil often mentions him when he tells Arnold stories of his past exploits. One example of this can be found in the episode "April Fool's Day," where Phil talks about how he once used the blinding light prank on Jimmy, which later on gives Arnold the idea to use the same prank on Helga.

However in "Part Time Friends", Phil said that when their boss from the toilet company was arrested, Jimmy became the boss and had a fight with Phil about it. Soon the two bull-heads stopped talking to each other and never saw each other again until "Old Iron Man".

His name is possibly a combination of disappeared Teamster Jimmy Hoffa and Czech writer Franz Kafka.

He was voiced by the late Richard Mulligan.

Appears in


Young Phil and Jimmy seen in "Part Time Friends"

Character Design Goof

  • Jimmy Kafka's head was shaped like Arnold's during the flashback in "Part Time Friends", but in "Old Iron Man", his head shape was vertical instead, both as an old man and in photos of them as children.

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