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Character on Hey Arnold!
Joey Stevenson
Occupation4th Grade Student
Best friendsHarold
Voiced byJustin Shenkarow
Michael Fishman
Tress MacNeille

Joey Stevenson is a fictional character on the Hey Arnold! TV series.

He is one of the original characters and first appeared in Season 1 and made various appearances in all of the later seasons.


Joey is a 4th grader and is in Arnold's class. He is often considered "the kid with one missing tooth". According to Rhonda he is one of the "geeks" ("Cool Party").

He was originally in Harold's circle of friends along with Stinky and Sid, but after Season 1 he mainly appeared on his own.


  • Joey seems to have lost a permanent tooth, since there is a space in his mouth where a tooth once stood.
  • Joey had red hair and lighter skin in the pilot.

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