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Character on Hey Arnold!
La Sombra
La Sombra
OccupationRiver Pirate
Best friendsUnknown
Voiced byBrian Doyle Murray (The Journal)

Alfred Molina (The Jungle Movie)

La Sombra is a fictional character from the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

His translated name from Spanish to English is "The Shadow".


La Sombra is a river pirate and treasure hunter in the jungles of San Lorenzo. Besides that, little else is known about him.

TV Series

In the episode The Journal, he stole a sacred relic from the Green-Eyed People called La Corazón (The Heart). However, Miles and Stella recovered it to pay back the Green Eyes for saving their lives. He vowed to get the La Corazón back if it was the last thing he ever did.

The Jungle Movie

La Sombra was going to be the main antagonist in Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie as the leader of a gang of river pirates.

In storyboards[1] leaked by Raymie Muzquiz, La Sombra is portrayed to be a character fluctuating between an approachable, yet volatile personality. He is seen trying to convince Arnold, unsuccessfully, to reveal the location of the Corazón. However, after saying he knows nothing of its whereabouts, La Sombra locks Arnold in a store cupboard and threatens to harm his friends.

Due to Nickelodeon officially green-lighting the Jungle Movie[2], La Sombra will serve as the primary antagonist. 

Appears in


  1. Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Storyboards


  • "I'll get the Corazon back, if it's the last thing I ever do!"

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