Big Caesar, fish

The Legend of Big Caesar is one of the urban legends told by Gerald after being introduced by Sid.


The legend of Big Caesar is as old as the rotting tailors at the bottom of city lake and our own Gerald is the keeper of the tale. Take it, Gerald.


In the beginning when dinosaurs ruled the earth, when the very ground we stand upon was avast primordial sea, there swam one mightiest a bit.
Many people called him by mini name but the Ancient Romans called him "Big Caesar".


Oh yeah, like Romans and dinosaurs occupied at the same time period.


But as the huge tectonic plates of the continent collided and new founded mountains reared up to the clouds, the primordial sea began to shrink and the watery habitats unto which was Big Caesar's shrank as well.
He came to be trapped and what is now our own city lake surrounded by the hideous works of men.
For onto this very day, he slump biting his time waiting for another continental ship and allow him to swim free once again. THE END

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