Four-Eyed Jack during his last experiment

Four-Eyed Jack during his last experiment

Four-Eyed Jack, phantom

The Ghost of Four-Eyed Jack

The Legend of Four-Eyed Jack is one of the urban legends of Hillwood. It was told to Arnold and Gerald by Grandpa in the episode Four-Eyed Jack. The legend tells the story of a mad scientist who lived in the boarding house, he died in an accident during one of his experiments and still haunts the boarding house on stormy nights.

The legend as told by Grandpa

"A weird fellow lived here in the boarding house a long time ago before either of you were born. Everyone called him Four-Eyed Jack, on account of the glasses. Couldn't see but three feet in front of him. People pretty much left him alone here in the boarding house. He mostly kept to his room in the cellar, cooking refried beans. Whoa! They stank to high heaven. Jack had a notion to invent a new method of cooking them. He was always experimenting on bigger and bigger batches of beans. Finally, he went too far. His pressure cooker exploded! And not a trace of Four-Eyed Jack was ever found there again. Ever since then, on really stormy nights, the ghost of Four-Eyed Jack wanders around the boarding house, blind as a bat, looking for his lost glasses, moaning and muttering and crashing into things, spreading his awful scent and scaring the bejimany out of people."

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