The Legend of Pigeon Man is one of the urban legends told by Gerald after being introduced by Sid.


The legend of the pigeon man has been handed down from kid generation to kid generation, for as long as I can remember... which was about since I was three. Take it away, Gerald.


In the pet shop district there stands an old tenement, abandoned since the great fire of '69. After the fire the pigeons started gathering by the thousands on its charred roof.
No one knew why, until one day someone saw a dark figure moving among the avian multitude.
For lo, alone on the roof of that 88th street building, there lurked a creature, half-man, half-bird; known only as... Pigeon Man.
Some say, he was hatched from an egg and left by aliens. And he had a beak and a tail.
Some say that he survived by eating leaves, twigs and worms!
Some say, he's a guy in a chicken suit; a lonely, deranged man wanting only birds for company.
Who knows... I don't
But to this day flocks of pigeons gather on the roof, and that can only mean that someone is caring for them... someone known as... Pigeon Man. THE END

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