Legend of the Headless Cabbie told by Arnold

It was a misty autumn night like tonight. A cabbie met this woman and she said, " Mister, I'm quite upset. My Scottie dog is missing and has been missing for 4 weeks and I want to find him. Once around the park please."

" Yes, madame." the kindly cabbie spoken.

Of they set into the cold, foggy park. The quiet lady offered a scarf to the man. " Sir, it is awfully cold. Would you like this scarf?" " Why, thank you very much madame."

Then, a bark bark bark arose in the air and the panicky lady cried, " That must be my poor little Scottie dog. Faster mister, we must save my baby!"

The cabbie's horse clittered and clattered faster and faster as the lady screamed, " Faster! Faster! My poor baby is out there!"

Then they raced into a damp and soggy tunnel where at the exit was a one-hooked man. The two frightened people were able to dodge the man and they saw the Scottie.

The lady beat the cabbie's shoulder and hollered, " FASTER!!!!"

Then a low branch caught hold of the scarf and strangled the cabbie's head right off! Then the lady laughed in the scariest way as possible.

So when it's the anniversary of the headless cabbie losing its head, you may hear the baby Scottie's yipping and yapping, the clatter of the horse-drawn carriage, the shriek-like laughter of the ghost lady, and then you will encounter...... THE HEADLESS CABBIE!

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