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Character on Hey Arnold!
Occupation4th Grade Student
FamilyLorenzo's mother
Best friendsArnold, Sid
Voiced byVictor Samuel Lopez

Lorenzo is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Lorenzo is one of the new kids in Arnold's class, having transferred from Peavine Academy, a private school. Lorenzo is quite rich, like Rhonda and Rex Smythe-Higgins III, but has very little idea of how to have fun, since all of his free time is filled with things like viola lessons, meetings, and studying flashcards.


  • Lorenzo only had two major roles in Rich Kid and Arnold's Room. After Season 3 ended, he became nothing more than a background character (like Iggy, Robert and Joey) for the rest of the show and appearing usually alongside the main child cast.
    • According to Victor Samuel Lopez, his voice broke shortly after his first two episodes. It is unknown why the crew couldn't get a new voice actor to replace Victor.
  • Despite not having any major appearance in the show after his 2 episodes, he had one last major appearance in one of the Hey Arnold! comics that were made for Nickelodeon Magazine which was Collection Confusion.
  • He was meant to first appear in "Rich Kid", however a deviation in production order caused his episode to air near the end of the season and the episodes that he was supposed to appear in after his debut episode, now aired before his debut episode. These three episodes were "Arnold's Room", "Gerald's Tonsils" and "Arnold Betrays Iggy".

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