Love and Cheese is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV series.


Arnold invites Lila to the Cheese Fair, and Helga tags along to make their night as bad as possible.



  • This episode was originally titled "Operation Lila-less" because of the similarities with the episode "Operation Ruthless":
    • The Cheese Festival setting
    • Ruth appears in this episode.
    • Both episodes involve bumper cars.
    • Helga says "say goodnight" (to Phoebe in the first, and to Lila in this episode).
    • Gerald and Phoebe are seen walking together.
    • The climactic incident that takes place at the Tunnel of Love
    • Helga ends up as the last person at the Festival when the lights go out.
    • Rhonda rides the Tunnel of Love with Harold (Harold was reluctant in the original episode)
  • The "Built-To-Hurl" had two speeds: "slow and easy" and "fast and furious".
  • Lila likes turtles and is also allergic to stuffed animals. Additionally, Mexico is her favorite country.
  • In Arnold's fantasy sequence, he and Lila share a strand of spaghetti and mistakenly kiss. This is a reference to the famous scene in Disney's Lady and the Tramp.
  • One of the booth operators looks like Caesar (the ride operator), but with hair and a beard.
  • In the episode "Egg Story", Harold teases Rhonda saying that she likes him. When she asks where he would possibly get that idea, he begins to say something about the cheese festival, to which she covers his mouth with her hand and tells him that she wants the events of that night never to be spoken of again. Harold and Rhonda are seen entering the tunnel of love together on the same boat.


  • Lila was pretty much entirely underwater in a "standing" position when Arnold rescued her, how come suddenly the water only reached her knees?
  • The Cheese Fair is an annual event, but Arnold and his classmates go to it in two episodes ("Operation Ruthless" and "Love and Cheese"). This implies that the students would have actually been one year older (in the fifth grade) in "Love and Cheese." But throughout the course of the show, Arnold and his friends remain fourth-graders.

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