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Character on Hey Arnold!
OccupationSchool student
Best friendsWolfgang (at the end of New Bully on the Block)
Voiced byPhillip Van Dyke

Ludwig is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is in the same grade as Wolfgang, although he's spent the last couple of years in juvenile hall (before which he "owned" the vacant lot). He and Wolfgang went from being enemies to friends, united in their efforts to share the lot together and keep all the fourth graders out. However, Ludwig has not been seen since the episode ended.

He is voiced by Phillip Van Dyke (credited as Phillip G. VanDyke) who voiced Arnold in Season 2 and Season 3. The creators possibly made him because Phillip lost his "Arnold" voice and it's to reunite him with other Arnold actors; Toran (Wolfgang) and Spencer (currently Arnold).


  • He is likely named after composer Ludwig van Beethoven, given that Wolfgang shares the same first name as the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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