Lulu is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Lulu's personality seems to be a mirror of Arnold's classmate, Lila. She is flirtatious, outspoken and rather self-centered. Despite being Arnie's girlfriend, she makes continued attempts to seduce Arnold even after he makes it obvious that he is not interested in her, including constantly hanging off of his arm, trying to force a kiss on him, rubbing his leg with her foot and pretending to fall asleep on him when he begins paying another girl attention. She treats her boyfriend with open contempt, frowning and looking bored when he puts his arm around her at the theatre, and making no secret of the fact that she is pursuing his cousin.


Lulu looks almost exactly like Lila, except she wears her hair in braided pigtails and has a small forelock.


She is a reflection of Lila Sawyer who lives in Arnie's town, or at least Arnold's dreamt assumption of the town. Lulu is actually quite similar to Lila, judging by the syntax and dialect Lulu uses. But unlike Lila, Lulu is an open flirt towards Arnold despite being Arnie's girlfriend. Lulu is seen constantly trying to hook up with Arnold, though he rejects all of her advances.


  • (to Arnold) "I'm oh so certain that I'm just fine but I'd be a lot better if you'd agree to meet me later, for an ever so private swim."
  • (to Arnold) "I'm certain that I'm trying to kiss you!"


Lulu wears a green plaid shirt with a green daisyduke and white cowgirl boots.

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