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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Magic Show
Magic Show
Season 1, Episode 18a
Written by: Glen David Gold
Air date: December 9, 1996
IMDb •
Don Del Grande's

Magic Show is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


During Arnold's magic show, he makes Helga disappear by putting her in a box, but Helga sneaks out. After running into a post and knocking herself out, she has a dream that she really disappeared, and no one missed her.


  • Arnold uses the last names of animated characters in his spells. These include Ned Flanders (The Simpsons), Elmer Fudd (Looney Tunes), Gerald McBoing-Boing, Snidley Whiplash (Dudley Do-Right), Dick Dastardly (Wacky Races and Flying Machines), Dudley Do-Right, Mr Burns (The Simpsons) and Barney Rubble (The Flintstones).
  • According to episode writer Glen Gold, the original spell was, "Wolf, Abzug, Steinem, Faludi Helga come back and shake your booty!" Naomi Wolf, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, and Susan Faludi are feminists.
  • Big Bob's birthday is on the same day as Arnold's magic show.
  • Effects of People if Helga was gone:
    • Big Bob: Gave up selling beepers, plays the harp, and is happy being with Miriam.
    • Miriam: Sober, Cheerful, and is happy being with Big Bob.
    • Phoebe: Having a new best friend; Gloria.
    • Arnold: Famous Magician, engaged to Ruth.


  • Miriam tells Helga to "bring in the mail", but there's a mail slot in the door, so the mail is already "in".
  • The address of the boarding house, according to Arnold's fliers, is 4040 Vine Street, but in the episode "Sally's Comet" it's 4040 Vineland.
  • In the scene with Phoebe and Gloria, the top part of Phoebe's hair turns yellow in some scenes, making it look as if Phoebe is wearing a cap of some sort.
  • Nadine's hair was brown when the crowd was cheering that Helga reappeared.

Storyboard sketch

By Sherm Cohen

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