Maria is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series. Maria is a Latina student who speaks Spanish. Maria has tanned skin and curly hair. 

She is one of the sixth graders, and Connie's best friend. She was Arnold's "date" at the school dance in "6th Grade Girls". She has a boyfriend named Tommy, who is also in the sixth grade. She made him jealous by asking Arnold to the dance. 

Maria's address is 394th Street, #22 ("6th Grade Girls").

Maria is shown to be a manipulative girl when she used Phoebe, and later Siobhan, to do her and her friends' homework in Phoebe Skips.


  • Maria could possibly be friends with Ruth McDougal, since her and Connie are seen conversing with her in What's Opera, Arnold?
  • Tommy often attempts to get Maria to talk to him by saying the phrase "Maria, come over here!". It is later shown that her own father addresses her in the same exact manner when Arnold and Gerald go to her house to pick her up.
  • In 6th Grade Girls Maria speaks with a noticeable Spanish accent, while in Phoebe Skips she has a slightly different Spanish accent.

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