Miles Shortman is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is the son of Phil and Gertie Shortman, and is Arnold's father. Despite only appearing in the claymation shorts, 1 comic (as a kid), and 3 episodes of the independent series, he has a large role in all of them.



In his present appearance in The Jungle Movie, he and Stella have grey streaks in their hair.


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Miles as a child

Miles, like his father, grew up in the Sunset Arms. As a child, Miles had a pet snake named Larry. Miles is a scientist/doctor who visited remote parts of the world, along with his friend Eduardo, to help people who didn't have access to medical help. Miles was shown to be somewhat clumsy and prone to getting injured frequently. He didn't have much of a love life, as he felt that no woman would put up with all of the travel he had to go through, until he met someone who not only put up with travel but did quite a bit of it herself — a doctor/botanist named Stella.

Miles and Stella soon became a couple and started exploring together. The first being a San Lorenzo temple that was dedicated to "the sacred spider." During a hike up to San Lorenzo's highest point, they both slipped down into a river and fell down a waterfall; only to be caught in a device set up for catching fish. They discovered that the net had been constructed by the mysterious Green Eyed People; the original inhabitants of San Lorenzo.

To pay back the Green Eyes for saving them, Miles and Stella recovered their sacred relic La Corázon from the river pirate and treasure hunter, Lasombra. As a reward, Stella and him were accepted as members of the Green Eye family.

Soon after, Miles married Stella in a wedding ceremony at an ancient Mayan temple. Their honeymoon was in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The Green Eyes were then infected with the sleeping sickness and it was up to Stella and him to create an antidote for the illness. They were able to do this and saved the Green Eyes just in time.

Soon after, Miles became a father when Arnold was born, and Stella and him made the decision to go back to Hillwood. However, 2 or 3 years later, Eduardo returned to ask them fly one more mission back in San Lorenzo — and they haven't been seen or heard from since.


Miles is a doctor/scientist in Anthropology, which is the study of Humanity.

In the United States, contemporary anthropology is typically divided into four sub-fields: cultural anthropology (also called "social anthropology"), archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and physical (or biological) anthropology.[1]

It's not known which field Miles studied in, but according to the episode "The Journal", his project in San Lorenzo involved studying the local culture and helping communities improve the quality of their lives. Leading to the belief that he has a social/cultural background in Anthropology.

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