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Character on Hey Arnold!
Mr. Hyunh
Mr. Hyunh
FamilyDaughter Mai Hyunh
A cousin
Best friends
Voiced byBaoan Coleman, Randy Travis (singing)

Mr. Hyunh is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

Mr. Hyunh is an immigrant from Vietnam. He originally planned to raise a family in there, but by the time his daughter was born, the Vietnam War had come to its dramatic climax.

At the conclusive battle of the war (the Battle/Fall of Saigon), the United States sent helicopters to evacuate South Vietnamese citizens. Mr. Hyunh and many others attempted to board the last helicopter, but the pilot claimed only one more was allowed on board. Mr. Hyunh offered his daughter and she was taken aboard, never to be seen again for many years.

It is unknown what Mr. Hyunh did in the following years prior to the series, but he eventually came to Hillwood from Vietnam to look for his daughter, whom he sent there at the end of the Vietnam War over 20 years ago; it took him 20 years after he sent his daughter here before he could come here himself. (In "Arnold's Christmas", he finds her, although she hasn't appeared on the show since then, though it's assumed they have maintained contact with each other.)

Mr. Hyunh works at the "El Patio" restaurant. He had a shot at stardom as a country singer, but didn't want to commit to the responsibilities that go with fame.

Mr. Hyunh, like just about everybody else at the Sunset Arms, strongly dislikes Oskar because he thinks he is a slacker.  He is also musically inclined; he plays the cello in "Arnold as Cupid", the trombone (in a flashback) in "The Journal", and the guitar (both acoustic and electric).

In the episode "Gerald Comes Over", Mr. Hyunh says that he has a cousin who is a good divorce attorney.

In the episode "Gerald Moves Out", Mr. Hyunh doesn't like lint.

Last name

The real Vietnamese last name is Huynh, but in the show it's always deliberately misspelled: Hyunh. Pronunciation remains the same though (similar to the word "win").

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