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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Season 3, Episode 47b
Written by: Steve Viksten & Joseph Purdy
Air date: September 2, 1998
Don Del Grande's

Mr. Hyunh Goes Country is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Arnold and Gerald discover Mr. Hyunh's talent at country singing, and as his managers make him famous, but Mr. Hyunh would rather keep his simple life without stardom.



  • Mr Hyunh's singing voice is provided by American country singer Randy Travis, who guest appears (as a cartoon, but still voiced by Travis) as Travis Randall.
  • When Mr.Hyunh's star begins to rise, the montage of his success was the same animation as Gerald's fantasy.
  • In the original version of this episode, "The Simple Things" played over the end credits. In subsequent versions, it continues over three reused shots of Mr. Hyunh playing on the roof while the regular end credit theme played over the credits instead.

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