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Character on Hey Arnold!
Mr. Purdy
Best friendsUnknown
Voiced byJoseph Purdy

Mr. Purdy is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

The only time Mr. Purdy was mentioned was when Arnold tried to collect the rent from him, as well as trying to get him to admit that he was keeping a live chicken in the room. Mr. Purdy isn't seen in the boarding house after that so it's assumed that he moved out, which was confirmed by Craig Bartlett in an interview.

Mr. Purdy and his chicken make a brief appearance in Hey Arnold! The Movie, as confirmed by Bartlett.

Mr. Purdy was named after Hey Arnold! writer Joseph Purdy, who also was the voice actor for the character. His love of chickens may also be a reference to the similarly named Frank Perdue, a successful chicken businessman.

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