Ms. Perfect is an episode of Hey Arnold!.

In this episode, Lila Sawyer's introduced into the series as a new transfer student at P.S. 118.


A new 4th-grade student has just transferred to P.S. 118---a girl from the countryside named Lila Sawyer. Helga Pataki and the other girls initially assume that Lila's nothing more than a simple-minded country girl, and want her to "see how the cat jumps." But the girls soon realize that they've greatly underestimated Lila: she's as smart as Phoebe, as stylish as Rhonda (Lila had even made her outfit from scratch), and, despite Helga advising her against, becomes friends with the lunch lady, which gets Lila an extra dessert with her lunch---this makes the girls very jealous of Lila.

Helga and the other girls decide to teach Lila a lesson by playing mean pranks on her. The first prank, which involves kiwi-flavored Jell-O, backfires and Helga gets beaten up by the big girl. The second prank, which involves rubbery lunch meat, pickles and a wax apple, also backfires and Helga gets another beating from the same big girl. The third (and final) prank finally works, and Lila runs home, covered with old spinach, rotten fish and tears, absolutely humiliated.

When Lila doesn't come to school the next day, Helga offers to bring her the homework assignment. After school, Helga and the other girls go to Lila's house together. The girls are surprised to discover that Lila's life apparently isn't as perfect as they initially thought---Lila and her father (who's presumably a widower) live in a rather shabby place, and through eavesdropping on Lila and her father's conversation, they discover that they have a limited food supply until Mr. Sawyer can find a steady, well-paying job. Helga and the girls feel bad about what they did to Lila, and apologize to her for it. Lila accepts their apology, goes to back school and the other girls accept her as a friend.



  • This is the only episode in the first four seasons where Arnold doesn't have any lines nor does anything at all. 
  • The big girl's name is revealed as Big Patty in the Season 3 episode "Helga vs. Big Patty".
  • Though all the girls, including Helga, become friends with Lila in this episode, later episodes show that Helga's still jealous of Lila---but this is mainly because Arnold, who Helga has a crush on, ends up developing a crush on Lila, which ironically was Helga's fault. 
  • With the exception of Sheena and Nadine, all the girls have something against Lila.
  • Sheena has an aversion to violence, but yet is perfectly fine helping Helga and the rest of the girls get their revenge.
  • We learn in this episode that Lila doesn't like pickles.


  • Lila answers Mr. Simmons' question "Who invented the telegraph?" with what sounds like "Samuel Morris," but the correct answer is Samuel Morse.
  • When Lila is finishing her first joke, Rhonda suddenly switches from her French outfit to her "usual" one.
  • During the Jell-O incident, Rhonda's beret disappears and then reappears. The numbers on Lila's lock are also completely out of order.
  • Francesca Marie Smith was credited as "Helga/Sheena", but Sheena never said anything.
  • When Lila asks if Patty would like to trade lunch, Eugene is sitting with Iggy, but as they are switching, Eugene is with Harold and Park.
  • Before Patty eats the sandwich, her legs are darker than usual.
  • In the Jell-O scene, Rhonda's shoes are white. When the girls run to hide, her shoes turn black.
  • When Lila is talking to her father in one scene, Helga frowns, but is smiling again when the scene shows Lila's father on the phone.
  • In the scene, when the girls was at window, Sheena is shown to be directly behind Helga, but when it goes to the close-up scene of them crying, Sheena is barely there.

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