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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Season 2, Episode 34a
Written by: Jonathan Greenberg
Air date: October 20, 1997
Don Del Grande's

Mudbowl is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


The 5th graders challenge the 4th graders to a game of American football, and Arnold believes the 4th graders can win by using their smarts, but Helga disagrees and takes over coaching the team.



  • Except for the one scene where Eugene is tackled, the fourth graders outnumber the fifth graders in every play of the game.
  • Torvald's leg is black when he slaps Eugene down.
  • Wolfgang catches a football and lands on a postal box and crushes it. It is against federal law to cause injury to mail bags or other equipment used in the conveyance of mail.
  • When Arnold tells Helga that he wants to be the coach, Rhonda's collar is red, instead of white.

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