Nancy Spumoni is an unseen character mentioned in "Arnold's Christmas". It is unknown if she is an actual person or simply the name of a fashion line. If Nancy is an actual person, she likely has some kind of association with Dino Spumoni, since they have the same last name.

In "Dino Checks Out", it's said in Dino's will that he had no biological children. It is also shown that Dino had been married five times, but none of his ex-wives were named “Nancy”. So, assuming (once again) that Nancy Spumoni is an actual person, but is not Dino’s daughter or ex-wife, it is possible that that she could be his cousin, his niece, or possibly even his sister.

Nancy Spumoni's most famous product, are a glitzy snow boots. Her "Nancy Spumoni Snow Boots" are potentially a reference to the 1966 hit "These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra, whom Dino Spumoni is based on.