Nocturnal Ned, or Nashville Ned, is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is the radio DJ for jazz station MJZZ in various episodes and country music station KDUDE ("Mr. Hyunh Goes Country"). Apparently, he has to work both the morning ("Heat", "Snow") and night ("Sally's Comet") shows, but he does have enough free time in the afternoon to watch baseball games ("Rich Guy").

In an interview, Craig Bartlett mentioned that Nashville Ned's appearance is based on himself.


  • There is a running gag in which every time that Arnold and Gerald have to request Ned airs something on the radio, he declines, only for him to drop his donut and during this time of distraction Arnold and Gerald manage to get their request or song through without Ned knowing.
  • Ned appears to be able to change his voice and tone depending on the type of music station he plays.
  • Ned has stated in "Sally's Comet" that the MJZZ station is the most popular music station in town, which appears to be true because when Arnold and Gerald made an announcement for everyone in town to turn off their lights so they could all see Haley's comet, it worked.
  • In "Phoebe Breaks a Leg", a doctor that looks extremely similar to him appears, the only difference being facial hair.
  • For Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, Ned's design was reused for a background character that's referred as just "Craig". Craig looks noticeably older than Ned, as Ned's appearance is based off of how Craig Bartlett looked in the 90s, while "Craig" is just a cartoon version of Craig Bartlett in 2017.

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