Olga Gets Engaged is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga is annoyed when Olga comes home from college and shows off her recent achievements. But Olga reveals that she plans to drop out of college in order to marry an actor named Doug LeSham and get a job to support them both. Her parents completely hate the idea thinking that Olga would be throwing her life away while Helga is thrilled believing that this will be Olga's fall from grace. 

At dinner, the Patakis meet Doug who swoons over Olga. Bob and Miriam are against the idea of Olga rushing into marriage which reduces Olga to tears and she runs to her room sobbing. Helga convinces her to run away and elope with Doug and goes down to get a ladder to sneak Olga out of her room. During that time, she sees Doug decieve her parents into accepting him by lying about his accomplishments and telling them what they like to hear. Helga can't believe how Doug managed to dupe her parents, but goes along with it hoping this will ruin Olga. So she tells Olga she doesn't have to run away because their parents love Doug now. 

After Doug meets the other kids at the park, Arnold falls for Doug's claim that he was a former racecar driver until Helga gives him the truth about Doug. Arnold tells Helga she needs to help her sister even if she doesn't like her, but Helga rejects his advice. At dinner, Helga daydreams about Olga's married life with Doug and imagines that they'd be living in a run down apartment with Doug lying about doing great things while Olga is miserable.

But on the day of Olga's wedding, Helga decides that she can't go through with her plan after hearing Olga tell her how glad she was to have Helga as a sister. After Doug finishes calling another girlfriend named Linda, Helga confronts Doug and begins intervening on Olga's behalf. Helga tells him to leave immediately or else she'll expose his lies to everyone. Doug gets angry while telling Helga nobody would believe anything she says and that she's not smart enough to mess with him. Helga threatens to press the redial button to tell Linda about Doug's lies and cheating.  Upon hearing that, Doug leaves. Helga then writes a note to Olga and signs it with Doug's name saying that he had to deal with a crisis in another country. When Olga reads it, she starts screaming and whining like a baby, annoying Helga very much. 



  • One of Olga's pictures on the wall she has orange hair.
  • Olga and Doug had only known each other for 3 weeks and 2 days by the time they decided to get married.
  • Big Bob reveals that starting an appliance shop was once his dream.
  • It's revealed that Miriam was a world-class swimmer who dropped out of college to get married.
  • While talking to Bob, Doug reveals that he played left tackle for Green Bay, "the toughest strongest guys around."  This is a reference to the NFL team the Green Bay Packers.


  • Helga is able to hear Doug's conversation with Miriam from outside with the window closed.
  • When Doug talks to Helga on the wedding day, you can see him turned away from the mirror, yet you can see his mouth in the mirror reflection.
  • When Helga is confronting Doug, she said: "I was an Olympic class swimmer", when Doug had claimed to be an Olympic class "diver".

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