Miriam (when she hears about Olga getting married)

No, Olga! Don't make the same mistake I made!


Oh man, this guy's a total liar! If Olga marries him, her life will be ruined... Perfect!


So what's the stinkin' rush all about? get married in a year, if you still want to.


You won't want to.


Mommy, Daddy, please don't be harsh...


It's okay, darling, you're parents just need time to adjust.

Big Bob

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, you little twist top, Big Bob Pataki doesn't adjust, you got it?


Daddy, it's not fair to have Olga choose between her true love... and us.

Olga (tearfully)

Helga's right, Daddy, you're being an awful brute, and Mommy, you're not even trying to like Doug... I am so... miserable.
(Olga runs off crying and weeping to her bedroom)


If I play my cards right I can get rid of Olga for good.

Doug (his last lines)

I did like her, you know—even if I didn't actually love her. Hey, what's love anyway?

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