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Arnold (practicing)

Hi Ruth. Hi Ruth. Hi Ruth.

(as they are about go into the Tunnel of Love)


I don't want to go into the Tunnel of Love with you, Rhonda!


Oh, you know you like me Harold.
(as she grabs him in the ride and as they head off into the Tunnel of Love)


I Do not. HELP! Let Me Go! LET ME GO!!


Make way! Shove over, sister. (Checks boy line) This is perfect. A little maneuvering and I'll be riding a swan with Arnold while Ruth winds up with some dumb slob. (Laughs) Helga, you're a genius. (Crashes into a girl) Shove over, sister!


Uh, Helga, just one question.


WHAT?! Are you implying that I have some sort of ulterior motive? That I'm after this Ruth person because she happens to be the object of some other kid's affections? Some certain young man that I may my own obsessive affection for? Is THAT your question?! Is THAT your question?!


No. Uh, actually I was gonna ask you which way to the bathroom.


Oh, they're right over there by the weiner stand. Oh, and Phoebe, this conversation NEVER happened.



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