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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Oskar Can't Read?
Oskar Can't Read?
Season 4, Episode 65b
Air date: March 29, 1999
Don Del Grande's

Oskar Can't Read? is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Oskar is fed up with the troubles of being illiterate, and with Arnold's help, learns how to read.


  • Apparently, Phil already knew that Oskar couldn’t read. ("What's the matter, can't you read? Oh, yeah.")
  • Despite the episode saying that Oskar is illiterate, he is fairly capable of reading and writing in earlier ones. 
  • After “Oskar Gets A Job”, since Arnold reminds Oskar that he is a "paper boy".
  • Oskar hums while he eats.
  • Ernie hands Oskar Leo Tolstoy's novel “War and Peace” to prove that Oskar only memorized "A Tale of Two Cities" so that he could win the bet placed by Ernie and Mr. Hyunh.

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