Oskar Gets a Job is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


A financial predicament forces Oskar to get a job delivering papers, but he makes excuses so that Arnold can do the work for him.



  • From his job interviews, we learn that Oskar is 38 years-old, never attained anything higher than an 8th-grade education, and was placed last in his class out of a total of 14 students (including himself). Additionally, we also learn that Oskar has never held a job before.
  • This episode takes place before the episode "Oskar Can't Read?" (Oskar's paperboy job is mentioned in said episode); thus, Oskar started his job as a paper boy before he learned how to read. So how could have Oskar done his paperboy job (which would require reading addresses and street signs) if he couldn't read?


  • When Oskar is delivering the newspapers, the basket on the bicycle reads DAIRY NEWS instead of DAILY NEWS.

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