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Character on Hey Arnold!
Occupation4th Grade Student
Best friendsPeapod Kid
Voiced byMarcus Toji

Park is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV series.

He is usually one of those characters who gets only one or two lines per appearance. However, in Longest Monday, it is revealed that he runs a "sanctuary" where fourth-graders can be safe from fifth-graders.

Park is most likely Korean-American. This can be inferred by how Americans cannot usually pronounce Korean first names, instead referring to the person by their last name ("Park" is usually a Korean surname). Also, in the episode Hookey, Arnold and Gerald are seen walking out of Parks Grocery Co, which specializes in Korean, Polish, and Italian food.

According to Rhonda, Park is one of the "cool" kids (Cool Party).

Park also lives across the street from Stoop Kid, and can be seen taking out the trash in the Stoop Kid episode.

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