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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Season 1, Episode 26b
Written by: Jonathan Greenberg & Steve Viksten
Air date: December 1, 1997
Don Del Grande's

Partners is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


The 50s music icons Dino Spumoni and Don Reynolds get into an argument, and break up their partnership. Both men move back to Sunset Arms, where they started, to find inspiration and write individual songs. However, Dino's new song has an upbeat melody, but lousy lyrics, and Don's new song has meaningful lyrics but a lifeless melody. Both men regret breaking up their partnership, but are too arrogant to apologize to each other. Meanwhile Arnold and Gerald have their own argument when they can't come up with an act for the upcoming talent show. Eventually they make up, and create a song with Dino's melody and Don's lyrics, and perform it at the talent show. Dino and Don attend the talent show, and hear the song, and are convinced to resume their partnership.


  • On international broadcasts, this episode is paired with "Biosquare", but in the US, it was first aired along with "Runaway Float".
  • According to the news anchor, "You Better Not Touch My Gal" came out in 1954.
  • Other songs mentioned: "Magic Fingers" and "The Doll Can Swing".
  • Grandpa has been listening to Dino Spumoni since the 1940s.
  • Gerald can play the piano.
  • This is the last episode with Toran Caudell as the voice of Arnold, before Phillip Van Dyke took over the role.
  • When Don is singing his song for Gerald, a painting of a young blonde Don with the words "It's a Wrap!" can be seen hanging on the wall.

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