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Character on Hey Arnold!
(Big Patty)
Patricia "Big Patty" Smith
Nickname(s)Big Patty
Occupation6th Grade Student
FamilyPatty's father
Patty's mother
Best friendsArnold

Helga (in the end)
Harold (love interest)
Rhonda (in the end)

RelationshipsHarold (possibly)
Voiced byDanielle Judovitz

Patricia "Big Patty" Smith  is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

She is a 6th grader who's been held back a few times and the female counterpart to Harold.  It is hinted that he may have an attraction toward her. Most of her "business" is done in a broom closet (she did beat up Helga twice in "Ms. Perfect"), although she has been known to dish out beatings outside after school. Although she has a gruff exterior, she can be polite and very nice when she needs to be. Patty is the city arm wrestling champion (at the end of "Harold vs. Patty").

Her parents are very supportive of her, and both of them possess the medical condition of dwarfism, which Patty obviously did not inherit as she is literally more than twice the size of both of her parents. Though she loves her parents dearly, she is apparently uncomfortable with this, as her size compared to her parents, as well as the nickname other kids call her, makes her feel socially awkward, and she once stated how it hurts when others speak nasty things about her behind her back.

It's possible that Patty could've been adopted her being larger than her dwarfish parents, but not outside the possibility of being a recessive trait with-in her parents DNA.

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