Phoebe Cheats is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Phoebe is determined to win a poetry contest, and when she can't think of anything to write, she copies a poem from a book. The statue of Emily Dickinson that she wins for her poem comes back again and again to haunt her.




  • This is only the second episode where Nadine is mentioned by name. The first time was in the episode "Helga's Makeover".
  • Phoebe's parents, Kyo Heyerdahl and Reba Heyerdahl were voiced by George Takei and Jean Smart, respectively.
  • The trophy was voiced by Carol Kane, who's probably best known for being Simka on Taxi and Allison Portchnik in Annie Hall.
  • The face of the Emily Dickinson trophy is reminiscent of a henohenomoheji, where the features are drawn with Japanese hiragana characters.
  • The sign in Phoebe's room says "CARPE UNUM", which means "seize the one" in Latin. It is a play on the much more common Latin phrase "carpe diem," which means "seize the day."
  • There is a painting or poster framed on Phoebe's wall of a meatball.
  • This episode is similar to an episode in the TV series The Facts of Life, where Blair cheats on a poetry assignment by copying a poem by Emily Dickinson, and it ends up finishing in third place in a New York statewide poetry competition.
  • Phoebe reveals in this episode that she was born in Kentucky.
  • Arnold speaks only one time in this episode.
  • Phoebe has a poster in her room that says "Tacoma's Killer Whale Marine Park" this could be a reference to Tacoma, Washington's marine park.
  • Her table lamp has a drawing of Mount Rushmore on it.
  • In reality, the poem Phoebe steals is not an actual Emily Dickinson poem and was written by the show's writers.


  • For someone who tries too hard to be the best at everything, Phoebe certainly took being no better than the third best speller in the class quite well in the episode "Spelling Bee". However, she does come first in the Parent's Tournament Weekend in the episode, "Parents Day".
  • On the second night, Phoebe's bed clothes switch back and forth between her nightgown and her dress.
  • After Phoebe reads the poem, she closes the book but before she copied the poem, the book was opened again.

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